Unpuzzling difficult Latin readings in medieval manuscripts

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Enigma helps scholars to decipher Latin words which are difficult to read in medieval manuscripts. It is sometimes impossible to decipher all the letters in a word, for various reasons (difficult palaeography, unclear writing, damage to the document, etc.) If you type the letters you can read and add wildcards, Enigma will list the possible Latin forms, drawing from its database of more than 400 000 forms.
Nota bene: Enigma does NOT solve abbreviations. To do so, you can resort to A. Cappelli's famous dictionary, available online (ed. Milan, 1912, and ed. Leipzig, 1928). If you cannot resolve an abbreviation, replace it by a wildcard in your Enigma query.

In the field above, type in the letters that you can read in the medieval document. You can use the following wildcards: