Project summary en anglais

Project : History and lemaniques et alpines archives (HALA)

The HALA project focuses on the common archival heritage that the Rhône, Ain, Savoie, Haute-Savoie and Isère departments share with French-speaking Switzerland and Piedmont, because of their former integration into the States of the House of Savoy. It focuses on this theme to crystallize the already very important links that exist between historians of Lyon II and Chambery, but also to reinforce the cooperation policies they have set up with the Universities of Lausanne and Torino. It is also set up in cooperation with the Rhone-Alpine archival world and integrates archivists of Torino. Its first component aims to promote the rise of the Master "Medieval Worlds", common Lyon II and Chambery and other academics institutions in Lyon by promoting its international openness. Seminars and symposia given under the project History and Archives Lémaniques and Alpines (HALA) will receive a label, allowing them to involve international researchers, especially Piedmont and French-speaking Switzerland.

Its second component aims to promote student mobility, both between Chambéry and Lyon and between these two universities and those of Lausanne and Torino, whose seminars or study days that fall within the scientific framework of the project will also be labeled HALA , with exchange of ECTS points. Students who wish to follow seminars or symposia labeled HALA can then either pay their own fees, or have access to a videoconference device. Its third component aims to promote access to the Lake Geneva and Alpine archives. To do this, the teacher-researchers and the students who would present a project of work in one of the archives of the Lémanique and Alpine world will be able to be granted a total or partial payment. Its fourth component aims to give visibility to the project by setting up a site specific to the HALA project that will offer online a typology of Lemanic and Alpine archival documents, for both scientific and educational purposes.

The management of the project will be ensured by a scientific committee, coordinated by the project leader, which will represent Lyon II, Chambéry, the departmental archives of the region, the University of Lausanne and the University of Torino, as well as two elected students. It aims to sustain the necessary funding, by expanding current cooperation agreements and developing scientific cooperation’s through an international symposium dedicated to the HALA theme, in order to be able to gain strength by developing a European project